About me

Robin Verheggen

To the beginning

I was born on June 30, 1991 in Milheeze, a small village in Noord-Brabant. After high school I went to Avans Hogeschool in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. There I got my diploma in Computer Science (majors: Software engineering and Business and Information Systems).

My love for music and specifically percussion started when I was a kid. And also the passion for rallying. The ELE Rally used to have a rally stage that started in Milheeze, my father took me there and later we traveled a lot together to watch rallies.

Now I still regularly go to rallies at home and abroad to watch and photograph. In addition to rally and motorsport, I visit more and more other events, such as the Air Force Days.

Rally and motorsport


During a holiday in Germany, in 2008, I came across the Lebacherland Rallye. A small local rally. I had my camera with me and there I have the first real pictures of the rally. I wanted to show that and from there RobinV-Rally originated. That grew into much more. From local rallies and the Dutch championship to the World Rally Championship and even to various desert rallies and circuit races.

RobinV-Rally started as a website with my rally photos, later rally news was added. However, keeping up to date takes a lot of time and that was difficult to combine with a study, so at one point I went back to photos. Now is the time to go from RobinV-Rally to RobinV-Web to present and do more than just rally.


From photography to PR and coordinator

In 2011 I was asked by Van Loon Racing to update the website during the Dakar Rally. I seized that opportunity with both hands. In the years that followed, I developed into a PR manager, where I manage the media around the events of Van Loon Racing. Sometimes there is the possibility to go to such an event and that brings unique experiences.

In addition, I was the coordinator of the Ford Fiesta Sport Trophy in the Netherlands in 2013 and 2014. I have also done various other work for teams in rallying.

Today I am still the PR manager at Van Loon Racing and I am involved with Rallymaniacs when it comes to writing messages for the website.