I have been taking pictures of motorsport for over 10 years. My expertise within motorsport has been in rally, cross country and circuit. Besides motorsport I have also photographed various other events, concerts and animals and I am always open for a challenge.

In 2008 I photographed my first rally for real. Before that I already went to rallies and spectate or sometimes making a photo, but from 2008 the hobby became more and more serious. That actually started when I was on holiday in Germany and ended up there at a local rally, the Rallye Lebacherland. Since then I have visited many rallies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, in national championships as well as the European and World championships. My first rally in the World Championship was the 2010 WRC in Germany, a great experience.

My first encounter with the Cross Country was in 2011, when I became part of XDakar and Van Loon Racing, going to the RTL GP Dakar Preproloog. In 2012 I was allowed to go to the Rallye du Maroc, one of the largest rallies for teams preparing for the Dakar Rally. After that I visited several Baja’s and in 2020 I went to the Dakar Rally for the first time. Greatly enjoyed the rally, the country (Saudi Arabia) and the landscapes, the rally family and of course the photos.

Besides rallying, I also like to take pictures of beautiful landscapes, animals, concerts, events and people. Examples include the Bavaria City Racing, Air Force Days, sponsor events, circuit races, a special photo shoot for a magazine at Toyota Team Europe and various visits to the zoo or beautiful trips. I cannot show all of that in the photo gallery, so there are many photos from the car and rally sport. Do you want to know more or are you interested? Contact me and we will discuss the possibilities.