Particularly in motorsport, I have experience writing press and news releases in Dutch and English. In addition, sending these messages to the media or a newsletter is also part of the process. Outside of motorsport, I also did this for several years for clubs.

Since 2011 I write messages for rally teams. This started at XDakar, the collaboration of Erik van Loon, Peter van den Bosch and Frits van Eerd to go to the Dakar Rally in a team. At that time I also managed the website for Van Loon Racing and sent newsletters for both teams. After a year I started writing the messages for the national rallies for Van Loon Racing. For a number of years now I have been writing all messages for Van Loon Racing including the newsletters and press releases in two languages.

From 2017 I am also involved in Rallymaniacs, the largest cross country news website in the Netherlands. During major rallies with live blogs and articles and during the season I help keep up with the news and as soon as there is news I convert it into a news item for the website.

For the Fabory Rallyteam and Rallyteam Brabant I also maintained the website for several years and performed supporting tasks. In addition to motorsport, I have supported the music club of which I am a member for several years with the website, news items and I helped start a village-wide magazine. That magazine contains various articles from the club, the sponsors and the activities, I have set up the basic template and written various articles.

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